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2020 and our Goals

Hey Champions! 
The best way to achieve our main goal is to divide it into steps and make an action plan.
Let's write our goals list, the plan how we will do that and achieve our goals step-by-step. 

#COGRO (Constant Growth )
#Right Mood - Right Move! 

GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 1 month ago

Well, as a chess player my goal in 2020 gonna be to pass 2900 in chess.com 
Now it is 2765. 
Till June the goal gonna be 2850. And from June to January 2900.
Hopefully, I'll be an example, what kind of magic can do Right Mood. 
ARNAV maheshwari

ARNAV maheshwari 1 month ago

my goal is to improve my game understanding currently I am 1847[earlier touches 2039 in live] and want to make my game to a level where I can play for IM norms 
Bhabatosh Chowdhury

Bhabatosh Chowdhury 2 weeks ago

When my chess.com rating was floating between 2100+ I thought 2250 would be good target for this year , since I never set goal before I was sceptic. As I started to think about this stopped playing Bullet completely , slowly I was hovering close to 2200 and realized it is coming much sooner than I thought possible... now that I feel confident I feel 2300 is my target. Today I reached 2200 .
Roger Rein

Roger Rein 2 weeks ago

Well well. Even the old guys must improve. Today my lichess rating are around 1700. (1736 in blitz and 1698 in bullet). My first goal is stabilation around 1900 in the middle of the year. And second reach 2021 before 2021. ????????????
GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 2 weeks ago

Lol :) Nice! :) 
Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 2 weeks ago

Study plan:

1, Classics Section:

My goal is to study 1000 classics before december so from Jan 2021 I will play rated events and I wanna improve my positional play to the next level. I love Ulf Anderson's book which chessmood recommended soon I am gonna buy it and I also love Karpov's style. 

2. Tactics:

I also will solve daily 20 mins tactics.

3. Openings:

, I will finish all section of chessmood openings on my board and I will improve my openings too. So I will study 20 mins openings from openings files which I made during my study in past.

Total Study time for me is 3 hr classics and 40 mins in tactics and openings.

In case of online play

I want to reach 2000 in 3days per move games and maintain it too.

I want to reach 2200 in blitz chess.com and maintain it too.

I want to get 2000 in rapid chess.com and maintain it too.

Jay Garrison

Jay Garrison 2 weeks ago

While I have made a post on my 2020 goals here: https://chessmood.com/forum/main-channel/2020-vision it doesn't cover my online blitz rating goal, so I will give that here in this thread!

My rating in chess.com is currently 1750ish (give or take a few points) with my peak being 1876. I started last year at 1574 so had a peak gain of 302 points. Repeating that performance is supposed to be harder because your opponents get tougher as you go, but I say I am getting tougher as I go and not only will I increase another 302 points (2178) but will get the remaining points to hit 2200! 

OK I ramble, 2200 it is! Lets Go!

Jeffrey Cobb

Jeffrey Cobb 1 week ago

As a chess player, my goal is to raise my USCF rating from 1800 to 2000 by 12/31. Here is how I will do it.

Play and learn CM openings.  The challenge is my AADD (Adult Attention Deficit Disorder) that makes it hard for me to focus on the videos for more than a few minutes at a time.  For this reason I will take the videos in small doses and focus on the ones most relevant to the games I play.

I will not play blitz games, at which I am pretty bad, and focus on quality over quantity.  I will analyze all games played in the context of improving tactics, opening, middle, and endgame play.

I will solve tactical puzzles

I will study the classic games GM Grigoryan has analyzed for us

Of course, I will play USCF rated tournaments at every opportunity