100+ hours of courses by GRANDMASTERS are unlocked!

We’re living in times when it’s important to support each other as never before...

Yeah, just by staying at home you can save lives…

...but at the same time, you can skyrocket your chess and help others as well.
HOW? ????

We’ve UNLOCKED ALL of our courses, created by GRANDMASTERS.
That’s 100+ hours of courses!

We’ve spent a few YEARS creating all of these.
And now all of them have been unlocked for 1 week.

Step-by-step Grandmaster openings for White
Step-by-step Grandmaster openings for Black
 20+ hours of commentary on games of World Champions,
and loads more...

You can click the link below and start improving right now!


But before you do that, please do a favor for me and for your friends.
Share this with them, helping to beat COVID-19 boredom, while doing something useful.

See you in the courses ????

Joso Skarica

Joso Skarica 1 year ago

So what is the point of paying 29 dollars per month for the PRO membership, when you can get it for free?

I think I will re-consider my Pro membership , because it just makes the paying members look like fools.

ChessMood 1 year ago

Joso, I am sorry to hear that. 
All PRO Members gets another 7 days week.
+ next week they will have 1-1 games with Grandmasters, as was said in the mail. 

We try to share as much value as we can. 
Sorry to hear from you such a response. 

Giorgos Kechagias

Giorgos Kechagias 1 year ago

Amazing way to spend you free time, which us endless, during Covid-19!

ARNAV maheshwari

ARNAV maheshwari 1 year ago

Very good initative!
ARNAV maheshwari

ARNAV maheshwari 1 year ago

Sir but there is only one problem we can't download the Pgn which will be very useful

ChessMood 1 year ago

Arnav, it's unlocked the Courses. 
As was written.
Arya Bhakta

Arya Bhakta 1 year ago

Really excellent work! 


ChessMood 1 year ago

Thank you, Arya! 
issam lachtioui

issam lachtioui 1 year ago

Thank you very much !
Franck steenbekkers

Franck steenbekkers 1 year ago

Bravo a super initiative!!!

Together we have to survive!!!

GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 1 year ago

Thank you! 
woo ya GM avetic it is the best way for beginer to become abetter player soon the ones who have watched your awsome  episodes soon champions would become grandmasters and people would have hard times picking grandmasters