Success Stories of ChessMood Family Members

Right Mood - Right Move

“I miss our training in 2017 with GM Avetik Grigoryan... But ChessMood helps me a lot in refilling motivation. Whenever I'm feeling down (regarding chess especially), I usually come to take a look at posts in ChessMood group.”

Poompong Nachsüb Wiwatanadate, Thailand Testimonials

"Thanks, GM Grigoryan, it was an awesome experience and good vibrating mood while playing chess. Through his ChessMood group, I have learned to play very calmly and with lots of fun."

Suman Magar, India Testimonials

"My experience being in the chessmood.com is so good. It's expanding my knowledge in life and my game in chess." 

Ambrocio Ricio, Philippines Testimonials

"GM Avetik had coached the Thailand National Team in 2017, and I was lucky enough to be part of the training. GM Avetik taught us so many things, not just in chess, but I have also learned some lessons for life. Concentration, dedication, and resilience 'don't resign' were my favorites. When I came across ChessMood in 2018, I was really excited that I would get a chance to have lessons from GM Avetik again, also from other strong GMs. I am very happy and grateful to have this opportunity and be part of the ChessMood family." 

Ryu Prasitsoonthorn, Thailand Testimonials

"I joined ChessMood PRO a few months ago. At first, it seemed like an amazing idea, but I thought it couldn't be an easy task to put in contact so many people of different levels and a team of GMs. Hence, I didn't set my expectations very high.
I'm happy now to realize that I was completely wrong. Thanks to the amazing work of GM Grigoryan and the whole Chessmood Team. I started an amazing chess journey by getting new ideas since day one, being able to play against many GMs and by putting my opening's work to good use. I couldn't be happier that I was wrong."

Nicolò Pasini, Italy Testimonials

Wanna get strong at chess? No, I mean really strong, fast! Be a part of the ChessMood family. Want a coach that cares? No, I mean cares about you and not your payment? Be a part of the ChessMood family. Want friends that care about your progress? Yup, be a part of the family! I am. I love it. Join today!! Period!

Marc Sicina, United States Testimonials

“Through ChessMood, I've learned general strategies and the importance of pawn formations! As an adult beginner, I can say for sure that ChessMood has improved my play.”

Edward H Wagner, United States Testimonials

"Working with GM Grigoryan enhanced my understanding of chess and enriched my versatility. Further, it inbuilt in me a new outlook into the practical phase of the game. He has been more like a brother than a trainer, and the sessions we had were fully entertaining and useful."

GM Sunilduth Lyna Narayanan, India Testimonials

"Never before I played a GM before, this is an experience I could not have dreamed a few weeks ago. 
Imagine you are playing a GM there is live commentary on the same game by another GM and at the end analysis of your games by multiple GMs.
Amount of involvement from GM in this forum is unheard of. 
We are enjoying a privilege just because we are enthusiastic and we happened to land here first, I consider myself very lucky on this. 
Pro membership offers 1-1 call since I paid only very little for my membership I was very skeptic, I thought it is a marketing bluff, 15 minutes meeting was scheduled promptly. 
Guess what during the conversation the GM never ever looks at the clock, he continues to answer my questions and adds his thought in different things, when the call ended it was around 40 minutes. What I felt overwhelming that these folks love what they do, they are trying to build something great but not seeing you as ATM machine.
GM being both Grandmaster and gentleman, offers every bit of help even in private chat also. 
I was motivated to improve my chess, now I have landed in a perfect ground to achieve it.
We should protect this beautiful gift and honor/respect the creators.

Bhabatosh Chowdhury, United States Testimonials

Friendly environment, the administration is well organized; there are updates every time and posts that are helpful. Personally, I benefit from the chess videos a lot even from live comments when the ChessMood hosts our tournaments. The Grandmasters make the chess language very simple and even as a novice like me can understand complex positions. It’s very helpful and just the best thing to be part of ChessMood is the Right Mood and Right Move to make.
I am in Africa, but the kind-hearted ChessMood family extended their hands and love to reach to me.
Thank you, ChessMood.

Robert T Kuziyamisa, South Africa Testimonials

ChessMood is an amazing community and some of the highest instructional content out there for the money. I highly recommend it. GM Avetik Grigoryan and the team do a great job of presenting information and providing the support so the student can retain it and utilize it in their own chess journey.

Matt Hammons, United States Testimonials