Arena Tournament with GM Gabuzyan

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Many players hold a belief that just having an opposite colored Bishop guarantees a draw in an equal endgame, regardless of the presence of any other piece.

It's time to question that belief!

In this event, each side starts with a Rook, all pawns, and an opposite-colored Bishop (Light-squared Bishop for White; Dark-squared Bishop for Black). 

By playing this position against other PRO members, you’ll learn in practical terms how to press in equal positions, create play with your Rook, make the most out of your own Bishop and restrict that of your opponent’s.
All of this will improve your practical endgame understanding.

Also GM Gabuzyan will be participating in the event, and you might get a chance to play against him in this format!


The link to the tournament will be here soon. 
If you're not a "ChessMood PRO" team member - join us here - https://lichess.org/team/chessmood-pro 

Note - This is a closed event for ChessMood PRO Members only!
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GM Gabuzyan Hovhannes
Coach: GM Gabuzyan Hovhannes


FIDE ELO: 2620

Olympic Champion under 16 (2010)

World University Champion (2016)


Hovhannes Gabuzyan became a Grandmaster at 17!

He is an Olympic Champion under 16 (2010)

He won the World University Chess Championship in 2016, Armenian Chess Championship in 2017 and joined Armenian National team.

Join Me on 02 Oct

Start 15:00

The Event Starts in:

- Day
- Hour
- Min
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