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Full opening repertoire for black and white

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Your progression is of the utmost importance to us. If you have questions or need guidance, ask our Grandmaster team directly during our weekly "Ask Grandmaster Anything" webinars.


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Success Stories of Our Members


Arrik Leman

United States

“Joining the ChessMood community has helped my play immensely. I started taking tournament play seriously around the time I joined, and it took many games to realize that the right moves only come when you’re in the Right Mood! It’s really a trick to have your complete skill show OTB and every week I’ve learned new skills from the group to do exactly that. GM Grigoryan has been very helpful, and I’ve learned a lot from his game analysis. He has a very strong feeling for the attacking possibilities in a position and has been helping many chess players blast past their personal plateau's.”


Heavendeep Singh


“By luck, I joined the chess community 'RIGHT MOOD RIGHT MOVE' that’s really blessed me. It not only just improves my chess game but also changes my view point of life. I also learn how important the Right Mood is in doing anything. Team of GMs is really amazing not just in chess games but also in their attitude. I recommend each one to join ChessMood as it really improves game of a non-professional player at that much level that he can beat many professional players with more than 5 years with just guide of 3 months.”


Teddy Chatzipanteli


“Having the right attitude is as important as acquiring the right skills to win games. Chess Mood's approach serves both successfully and helps its members basically develop life skills like perseverance, reacting calmly and confidently under pressure and working with humility and drive. Unsurprisingly, results come on and out of the board! I highly recommend!”


Abhineeth S


“I'm a member of several chess groups, but what stood out for me about ChessMood is that people are engaged here. It’s not just some random stuff being posted, but real discussions happen here. Members are much curious and work to learn because  expert opinion is assured for them.”


Tina Vehl


“Become a member of ChessMood and learn about chess in a new way with a really cool and nice atmosphere. For example, you can watch videos for free or play with grandmasters! It's really cool! It's a nice place to be for nice people!”


Jirapak Pitirotjirathon


“Chessmood is the perfect place to learn variety of chess play and strategies. They also share the experience on how to become a better player, the way to prepare for a game, how to fix personal weakness and psychological thinking, all in all, a lot of fruitful advice. I really enjoy it.”


Krishnanunny Menon Calicut


“Earlier I used to play chess just to increase my ELO ratings and struggled a lot. But now I play chess with Right Mood and started enjoying it's beauty. ChessMood group and GM Avetik helped me a lot to move in the right path.”


Edward H Wagner

United States

“Through ChessMood, I've learned general strategies and the importance of pawn formations! As an adult beginner, I can say for sure that ChessMood has improved my play.”


Jonathan Turcotte, Montreal, Canada

“I’m a member of the ChessMood for a few months and I really like it. First of all the right mood principles are really helpful in performance. Second of all its really fun to share ideas with chess lovers and discuss with them. Third of all there is a lot of GMs in the group who give us advice and make up videos notably Avetik Grigoryan who helped me a lot. I recommend ChessMood to anyone who want to improve in chess.”


Chihon Ley Polanco


"When you read that FIDE's motto is 'Gens Una Sumus', sometimes you wonder where in the chess world can you really find a community to share chess with. As an improving club player, I've found that family in ChessMood. Not only I enjoy the insights of my fellow chess players, but also the lessons I've learned here helped me to boost my rating, getting 100 points since I joined. A great community for true chess lovers."